Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Mr Farage on Europe

Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Mr Farage on Europe

Ukip’s former MEP Roger Helmer has warned that his party could be forced to abandon its Eurosceptic roots if it was forced to fight the Brexit referendum and fight a second independence referendum.

“This could leave the party with an opportunity not just for winning the next election in May but for possibly losing it in 2020,” he told Breitbart London.

But Mr Helmer, the former vice chairman of Ukip and party leader in the 1980s, warned that the party could be in danger of losing the Eurosceptic vote if the party fights another independence referendum “after Brexit”.

In an article for the Conservative Home website, Mr Helmer said that Ukip would be a liability to the British people if the party was forced to fight another independence referendum.

Mr Helmer said: “In terms of the EU, we could be in real trouble for a couple of reasons: Firstly, this referendum was an EU re카지노 사이트ferendum on Britain leaving, and secondly, we would be a liability to the British people if the British government went it alone on the EU exit.

“I hope that there’s s카지노 사이트ome understanding within Ukip about the fact that, in the final analysis, in the end, in the end, Britain will want out of the EU because Brexit won. But there are reasons for us to resist that.

“There are two. The European situation is a complicated one, there’s a lot that needs to be worked through and the prime minister’s statement to Theresa May at the end of last week [at Prime Minister’s Questions] was not exactly reassuring. In the end, the prime minister’s position is the position that the European Union is very strongly and obviously better organised and organised than it was before.

“That’s a strong position – but this is not something that is universally agreed around the political spectrum. A lot of the people who are on the political spectrum don’t agree with the UK doing very well on this referendum. So they don’t think Brexit, in the end, is the right approach.

“But the 바카라other reason that Ukip is becoming a liability as a result of Brexit is that the prime minister, as she sees it, is in a weaker position than before.

“Britain is at this point in time where the position for all of us in government is that a strong, prosperous and open-minded country like the UK – a strong country, with a strong economy, with a strong military – is right on the brink of bein