Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Ed Miliband and Tories

Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Ed Miliband and Tories

Nigel Farage: We will make it a Conservative landslide

“The idea that I will go into Downing Street and run with another party is an absolute fantasy. I have never said I will run again if I win and I don’t believe that is my future.”

However, his announcement also comes as some senior Tory insiders – including Sir Gerald Howarth, the former Liberal Democrat Chancellor – warn that the chances of him staying in the party are “less than zero” and are in any case “far worse” than if he quit earlier.

A source told the Daily Mail that while Mr Farage “hats off” to Mr Cameron for giving him a chance to fight for the leadership of the party, it would be “dangerous” for him to do it from the comfort of the comfort zone.

However, Mr Farage rejected the claims in the Evening Standard, adding: “I would not be in a position to say I am not running. I am not going to run and there are times when the prime minister gets it wrong but the one thing I know is I can run with all of us and I will.

“All I want is the chance to take the party into the European elections.”

‘No risk’ to leadership

Mr Farage said that when it came to “playing by my own rules” he would “totally, totally” rule out being a Conservative leader one day, even though he gospelhitzdoes not support any of the current leadership candidates.

He said: “If I’m elected to be leader of the party and they win the election, I will run for leader. But no matter how I feel about some of the other leaders, if they don’t win the election I will remain as a councillor and a councillor and not run again.”

Image copyright PA Image caption The Ukip leader said he has never made a decision on his own future

The former Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth suggested that there were “certain elements of my party that I do like… But I wouldn’t let the party go down a path that is dangerous. I would keep the party as it is but I would put in some changes if I thought that was needed.”

Mr바카라 Farage said he had never made a decision about his future, but the 바카라사이트idea of being a member of other parties – particularly the anti-European Union party in Britain – was “not something I particularly want to contemplate”.

The Ukip leader added: “I thin