Mentally ill man found not guilty of murder

Mentally ill man found not guilty of murder

BELGRADE (AFP) – A Serbian court Monday acquitted an alleged killer of the murder of an elderly woman after he received a lengthy prison sentence in a bid to put an end to a trial that has dominated Serbia’s political scene since 2008.

Bijan Kisevic, a convicted criminal who killed Serbian feminist Marina Kusti, 33, in Belgrade in 2000, was found not guilty of murder when the verdict was read.

“I am very happy,” Kisevic told reporters, describing it as “a final day”.

He will now face a second appeal to the Supreme Court and receive a prison term. The trial was launched after police say a woman, who is said to be in her 80s, went missing on a street outside her apartment building and went missing again while returning home the next day.

Kisevic claimed self-defense as he stabbed and killed Kusti in an alleyway next to her Belgrade a바카라partment, a claim rejected by Belgrade prosecutor Srdjan Pankovic.

Kisevic initially told Belgrade prosecutors he shot Kusti with a large knife after he knocked the woman dojarvees.comwn, but later said he killed her with a revolver after she ran away from him.

Prosecutors said police did not find any evidence in the rape and murder of Kusti and argued Kisevic had an alibi. He claimed she had fallen out of the bushes and hit her head on a car.

Prosecutors said the forensic tests of blood on the ground near the location of the crime concluded Kisevic killed Kusti using what they said were an unapproved stun gun.

Pankovic countered Kisevic did not use a stun gun and there is no video footage or evidejarvees.comnce suggesting Kisevic had a weapon of any kind during the alleged attack.

“We hope that this acquittal will send out a powerful message to the (carpet bombing) and (torture) regime in Belgrade that they can’t use such despicable tactics,” Pankovic told AFP.

Kisevic also received a lengthy sentence for a previous charge of assault and, more seriously, for a shooting that was described as the worst act of violence against women in Europe.

The judge who sentenced Kisevic to 22 years said he had killed an elderly person who should have died from a fatal heart attack.

Kisevic was found to be mentally ill when he was 17 and a psychiatri